STARDOM 5-STAR Grand Prix 2022 Opening Day Results From July 30,2022


STARDOM 5-STAR Grand Prix 2022 Opening Day Results From July 30,2022

STARDOM 5-STAR GP tournament first day results from Tokyo, Japan at Ota City General Gymnasium on 7/30/22 live on PIA pay-per-view:

This is the third of four STARDOM ppvs for July. They're $40 USD each. Day 2 of the tournament will be a live ppv tomorrow to close out the month. With taxes and international fees that's over $160 American just for July alone. Some critics have said the company is pushing it too much with these shows. We can see that point but if you were to attend the events live that would be four separate tickets for four different events. STARDOM looks at it as a live ppv "ticket." STARDOM World is the VOD service around $10 USD a month. This show will be posted up on there next week.

A Gauntlet Tag Team Match will start things off today.

Rina and Ruaka vs. Miyu Amasaki and Hina are the first two tag teams out to the ring. Rina pinned her sister Hina with a jacknife in 3:33... Hanan and Koguma are Team #3... Koguma pinned Rina with a horizontal cradle in 2:30... Natsupoi and Tam Nakano are Team #4. Koguma and Hanan attacked them on the stage while they were doing their dance routine...  Nakano pinned Hanan with a German Suplex in 3:39 ... Team #5 is Saki Kashima and Momo Watanabe... Natsupoi pinned Kashima with the Endless Waltz in 3:08... Starlight Kid and Fukigen Death are Team #6 and the final team to enter... Natsupoi pinned Death after the Fairial Gift in 3:31. Natsupoi and Tam Nakano win the Gauntlet Match.

Yuji Nagata is part of the broadcast team.

Thekla is at the show but she is out injured and out of the tournament because of it. She defended AZM on social media this week. Fans were blaming AZM for injuring her and bullying over it. Thekla said it's a nagging injury that she has had for a while and AZM had nothing to do with it. She told the fans to leave AZM alone. Her last match to date was against AZM at the end of May.

Everyone in the tournament came out to the stage and were introduced by the ring announcers.

Mai Sakurai pinned Momo Kohgo after the Shining Buster for 2 points in a Red Block Match in 5:56. Kohgo didn't take too kindly with the loss and brawled with Sakurai a bit after. Referees came in to get control but Sakurai threw Kohgo out of the ring and down to the floor. Kohgo took the spot in the tournament that was left open by Thekla.

They announced the Goddesses of STARDOM Tag League Tournament will begin on 10/23/22 and end on 12/4/22.

Ami Sohrei pinned Saya Iida after a brainbuster for 2 points in 8:14 of a Blue Block Match.

SAKI pinned Unagi Sayaka after the Kawildbuster for 2 points in a Red Block Match in 9:07.

Natsupoi has joined the broadcast for guest commentary.

Risa Sera pinned Maika after the diving double knee drop in a Red Block Match for 2 points in 8:19.

Syuri defeated AZM by submission with the White Tiger in 9:31 of a Red Block Match for 2 points.

Starlight Kid came out to do guest commentary and tried to take Natsupoi's headset away from her before getting a headset of her own.

KAIRI and Nanae Takahashi defeated Saya Kamitani and Lady C in 15:32 when Takahashi pinnned Lady C after the Refrigerator Bomb. KAIRI and Takahashi came out to the ring on a motorcycle. After the match, Takahashi challenged World of STARDOM Champion Syuri for a future title shot. KAIRI officially challenged Wonder of STARDOM Champion Saya Kamitani. Takahashi was the first World Champion defeating Yoko Bito in the finals of a tournament in July 2011. The event was also Takahashi's 15th  Anniversary in pro wrestling. KAIRI is a former Wonder Champion defeating Santana Garrett in May 2016.

MIRAI pinned Mayu Iwatani with the Miramare Shock in a Blue Block Match for 2 points in 12:51.

Himeka pinned Utami Hayshishita after a big Running PowerBomb out of the corner in a Red Block Match for 2 points in 10:52.

Hazuki pinned Giulia after a brainbuster in a Blue Block Match for 2 points in 11:54.