STARDOM Results From June 28, 2022: Tam Nakano vs. Natsupoi Rematch

5-STAR Grand Prix Qualifying League Final Day

STARDOM Results From June 28, 2022: Tam Nakano vs. Natsupoi Rematch

STARDOM results from Tokyo, Japan at Korakuen Hall on 6/28/22:

The show is now on STARDOM World. A graphic opened the broadcast reminding us of the current tournament point standings. Three wrestlers with the most points will get into the 5-STAR Grand Prix Tournament.

A Block:

Ami Sourei - 8 (she qualified several days ago with the best record)

Rina - 4

Miyu Amasaki - 4

Momo Kohgo - 2

Waka Tsukiyama - 0

B Block:

Ruaka - 4

Saya Iida - 3

Mai Sakurai - 3

Hina - 3

Lady C - 3

Momo Kohgo pinned Rina with what looked like a crucifix driver in 7:05 of a 5-STAR GP Qualifying League A Block Match for 2 points. They both finish with 4 points.

Saya Iida pinned Hina after the Iida Rock in a 5-STAR GP Qualifying League B Block Match in 6:17 for 2 points. Iida finishes with 5 points to get a spot in the 5-STAR Grand Prix.

Mai Sakurai pinned Ruaka with the Mai Pan Roll in a 5-STAR GP Qualifying League B Block Match in 5:54 for 2 points. Sakurai finishes with 5 points to go to the 5-STAR Grand Prix.

Starlight Kid defeated Waka Tsukiyama by submission with a Modified Stretch Muffler in 6:57. Kid demanded for the referee to raise her arm in victory and then she quickly left the ring to go to the back. There was no usual gloating victory speech from her.

Future of STARDOM Champion Hanan went to a 15-minute time limit draw with Tomoka Inaba in her 7th defense. Inaba came out with a Just Tap Out logo towel over her and the Sendai Girls World Junior Title around her waist. Time expired just as Inaba was about to apply a submission hold. Hanan thanked her for the match. She said she wants Waka Tsukiyama to be her next challenger. Tsukiyama came out and admitted that she doesn't have the best win/loss record to be a challenger. Hanan said it didn't matter to her because they both love pro wrestling and she wants to give her the opportunity on July 9.

Mina Shirakawa, Unagi Sayaka, SAKI, and Hikari Shimizu defeated Utami Hayashishita, Saya Kamitani, AZM, and Lady C when SAKI pinned Lady C in 10:28. After the match, SAKI said there is one more spot open for the 5-STAR Grand Prix and she wants it. Sayaka gave her approval.

Up next is a 4-Way Trios Tag Team Captain's Falls Elimination Match.

Giulia (Donna Del Mondo captain), Maika, and Himeka defeated ... Mayu Iwatani (STARS captain), Hazuki, and Koguma ... Syuri (God's Eye captain), MIRAI, and Ami Sorei ... Fukigen Death (Oedo Tai captain), Momo Watanabe, and Saki Kashima in 10:18. MIRAI pinned Kashima after a lariat. Death eliminated Syuri by Over The Top Rope by shoving Syuri to the floor as she was fighting Iwatani on the top rope. Giulia  (with assists from Himeka and Maika using her as a battering ram) eliminated Death and Iwatani by Over The Top Rope as they were fighting on the ring apron.

With the win, Giulia wants DDM to challenge for the Artists of STARDOM Titles. Starlight Kid, Momo Watanabe, and Saki Kashima got in the ring. Kid said they never refuse anyone who comes at them for the titles and accepted. Kid mentioned a couple of cities the match could happen in next month.

Natsupoi pinned Tam Nakano in 20:31 with the Fairy Strain after at least six different attempts to put her away with the Fairial Gift during the match. This was the highly anticipated rematch between the two after Nakano defeated her on 6/26/22 in STARDOM's first cage match. Natsupoi said they are even with a win each and she wants to have a unit vs. unit match on July 9 with Cosmic Angels vs. Donna Del Mondo.

Natsupoi closed the show with all DDM members except Thekla who is injured (but Natsupoi mentioned her name). She thanked the fans for coming out on a weekday.