STARDOM MidSummer Champions Results From July 9, 2022


STARDOM MidSummer Champions Results From July 9, 2022

STARDOM MidSummer Champion results from Tokyo, Japan at Tachikawa Stage Garden on 7/9/22 live on Pia pay-per-view:

Lady C won a 3-Way Match over Hina and Yuko Sakurai by getting the fall on Hina in 5:31.

Future of Stardom Champion Hanan pinned Waka Tsukiyama with the backdrop hold in 8:23.

MIRAI and Ami Sourei (God’s Eye) defeated Utami Hayashishita and Miyu Amasaki (Queen’s Quest) when MIRAI pinned Amasaki with the Miramare Shock in 11:58.

Saki Kashima, Fukigen Death, Ruaka, and Rina (Oedo Tai) defeated Mayu Iwatani, Hazuki, Koguma, and Saya Iida (STARS) when Rina pinned Iida after the Gory Bomb in 8:42.

High Speed Champion AZM  defeated Momo Kohgo by submission with Numero Uno in 10:39. After the match, Rina jumped in the ring toward AZM to make a title challenge.

The Elimination Match with Tam Nakano, Mina Shirakawa, Unagi Sayaka, SAKI, and Hikari Shimizu (Cosmic Angels) vs. Giulia, Natsupoi, Maika, Himeka, and Mai Sakurai (DDM) is up next.

Shirakawa and Himeka were both eliminated at the same time by Over The Top Rule off the ring apron down to the floor.

Shimizu pinned Sakurai after a roundhouse kick.

Maika pinned Sayaka with the Michinoku Driver.

Maika pinned Shimizu with the Michinoku Driver.

SAKI pinned Maika.

Giulia eliminated SAKI by Over The Top Rope rule.

Natsupoi turned on Giulia and gave her a superkick. Nakano followed up and gave Giulia a superkick too.

Natsupoi gave Giulia a German Suplex to knock her off of the ring to eliminate her.

Natsupoi eliminated herself by falling off the ring after getting rid of Giulia.

Tam Nakano is the last survivor and Cosmic Angels win the match.

After the match, Natsupoi said she is not DDM's mascot or pet. Giulia and the other DDM members then calmly told her off. They said they will never forgive her for the betrayal. Thekla was in DDM's corner. She is still out of action. She just looked at Natsupoi with heatbreak and disgust.

Natsupoi joined Cosmic Angels. The rest of the until hugged her and welcomed her.

Wonder of STARDOM Champion Saya Kamitani pinned Starlight Kid after the Phoenix Splash in 23:35. SAKI came out to be the next challenger. When SAKI left the ring, Nanae Takahashi came out. She announced that she is the tag team partner that KAIRI has been talking about. Lady C then came out to offer to be Kamitani's partner against them.

World of STARDOM Champion Syuri defeated Momo Watanabe by submission with the White Tiger in 20:16. Tam Nakano came out to challenge after.