An IWGP Women’s Title Is Announced With A Catch

New Championship In The Joshi World

Members of STARDOM and Bushiroad held what they called a STARDOM 2022 Strategy Meeting press conference on YouTube to go over business news and notes for the fans.

They will create a IWGP Women's Title and the first champion will be crowned on 11/20/22 at the STARDOM and New Japan joined show.

Bushiroad had strongly considering the idea of having this new title back when they first bought STARDOM back in 2019. They knew the "IWGP" name had a lot of history, prestige, and brand recognition. At that point they said it would take time to figure out how to cross promote STARDOM and New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Despite the IWGP name being added for the STARDOM roster, it will NOT be their top title. It will be defended on New Japan Pro Wrestling events in Japan and in the USA. The World of STARDOM Title and the Wonder of STARDOM Title will still be the main championships of focus in STARDOM.

The other items of note in the press conference were the touting of making a billion yen in sales, the big increases of subscribers and views to their YouTube channel, and the expansion of their TV program in Japan all since Bushiroad bought the company.