STARDOM “Fight In The Top” Results From June 26, 2022: First STARDOM Cage Matches

A Historic STARDOM Pay-Per-View

STARDOM "Fight In The Top" results from Nagoya, Japan at the International Conference Center Event Hall on 6/26/22 live on PIA pay-per-view:

STARDOM Fight in the Top 2022 ~Summit Battle in Nagoya~

Ruaka won a 3-Way Match over Waka Tsukiyama and Unagi Sayaka by pinning Tsukiyama after the Freezer Bomb in 6:01.

A video was shown of Saya Kamitani running into a bathroom in fear. She looked in the bathroom mirror and saw someone dressed as The Grim Reaper. She ran out into the hallway and saw STARDOM Executive Producer Rossy Ogawa walking around. She tried to warned him about the mystery person but it was too late. The mystery person choked them both into unconsciousness and left them laying in on the hallway floor.

Saya Iida and Momo Kohgo defeated Lady C and Miyu Amasaki when Iida submitted Lady C in to a Yuji Nagata style Shirome arm bar in 8:53.

Unagi Sayaka was shown quickly and gleefully wiping down the ring as fast as she could to the appreciation of the crowd.

Himeka pinned Mina Shirakawa by countering a Figure Four Leg Lock attempt into Mina's own Glamorous Collection MINA finisher in 10:05. Very strong grudge match. Shirakawa came out first. Himeka ran in the ring and attacked her from behind during the ring introduction. Shirakawa refused to make peace after. She first slapped Himeka's handshake offer away. They did eventually shake hands but then Shirakawa shoved her into the ropes. Shirakawa kept using the Figure Four in the match and it looked very impressive.

Artists of STARDOM Tag Team Champions Momo Watanabe, Starlight Kid, and Saki Kashima vs. Syuri, MIRAI, and Ami Sohrei vs. Giulia, Maika, and Mai Sakurai in an Elimination Match is next. The over the top rope rule is in effect for eliminations along with pin, submission, Disqualifications, and Count Outs. Kid eliminated herself and took Giulia and Syuri with her by over the top rope as they were fighting with each other on the ring apron. Watanabe dropkicked MIRAI and Maika off of the ring to eliminate  them. Watanabe was eliminated by Sakurai. Kashima pinned Sakurai. Kashima pinned Sohrei to win the match and keep the titles.

The first ever steel cage matches in STARDOM history are next. First match rules is you have to pin your opponent and then try to escape the cage to win. Second match is every member of a trios team must escape the cage to win. The show has taken an intermission while the cage is being set up.

The set up is a nice looking traditional steel cage. Giulia has joined in on commentary.

Tam Nakano defeated Natsupoi in a Steel Cage Match in 25:05. Nakano threw her towards the cage at the start. They brawled on the mat then Nakano viciously rammed Natsupoi's face into the cage and put pressure on her head up against the cage with her foot. Natsupoi finally recovered and gave Nakano a few big running drop kicks against the cage and rammed her face along it. She threw Nakano into the cage then climbed it a bit to come down off it on Nakano with a stomp. Neither are bleeding at this point despite the harsh visuals of their faces up against the cage. Natsupoi got the first pin with one of her high speed finishers but Nakano immediately stopped her from trying to climb out. Nakano got a pin with a reversal but Natsupoi stopped her from climbing out. Natsupoi gave her a big German Suplex off the top rope. Natsupoi got a pin with a German Suplex but was slow to climb and Nakano climbed up with her on top of the cage. They took turns slapping each other in the face. Both fell down from the cage in the ring and landed in a bad spot on the edge of the ring against the cage. Nakano got a pin with a Twilight Dream but chose not to climb and looked down at Natsupoi struggling to get up. It was all to give her a violet screwdriver. Natsupoi tried to stop her but got choked out on the top of the cage. Nakano dropped Natsupoi down to the mat and climbed out. She immediately ran to unlock the cage and went in the ring to check on Natsupoi. No bled but nobody expected any in STARDOM.

Mayu Iwatani, Hazuki, and Koguma (STARS) defeated Utami Hayashishita, Saya Kamitani, and AZM (Queen's Quest) in a Steel Cage Match in 24:36. Kamitani was just fine after being shown almost getting murdered by the mystery person earlier. Same goes for Rossy Ogawa who was sitting at the time keeper's table watching the whole show like usual. Iwatani climbed out to escape first. Kamitani climbed out next. Hazuki climbed out after giving everyone a diving cross body off of the cage first. Hayashishita escaped. AZM and Koguma were the final two left. AZM did a beautiful diving double stomp off the top of the cage but Koguma quickly recovered and yanked her leg while she was trying to climb. Koguma climbed to the top and looked like she was going to give her the diving body press. She decided to jump to the floor instead on the Queen's Quest members below to win the match. STARS wants to challenge Kid, Watanabe, and Kashima for the Artists Titles. No blood in this one either. It was a fast paced match with the cage used as an obstacle course instead of a violent cage match.

Utami Hayashishita, Saya Kamitani, and AZM were shown backstage feeling sore and lamenting the loss.

STARS quickly ran backstage to give post-show comments and they were all smiles.