STARDOM in SHOWCASE Vol. 1 Results From July 23, 2022

STARDOM Debuts Its Showcase

STARDOM in SHOWCASE Vol. 1 Results From July 23, 2022

STARDOM results from Nagoya, Japan at the Congress Center on 7/23/22 live on PIA pay-per-view:

DJ Pretty Dragon was a special guest playing a set of songs to open the show.

This debut brand event from STARDOM is a card of gimmick matches. The Nagoya Rumble is up first. Pin, submission, and over the top rope for the eliminations.

Gokigen Death (#13) won the Nagoya Rumble over Mayu Iwatani (#1), Super Strong Stardom Machine (#2), Hazuki (#3), Momo Kohgo (#4), Saki Kashima (#5), Rina (#6), Hina (#7), Hanan (#8), Ruaka (#9), Lady C (#10), Miyu Amasaki (#11), and MIRAI (#12) by pinning Amasaki with a roll up for the last elimination in 23:35. Iwatani and the other members of STARS celebrated with Death after.

Himeka and Maika defeated Ami Sohrei and Saya Iida in a match where you had to throw an opponent over the top rope to win. They called it a "Power & Tower" Tag Team Match. Maika threw Iida over the top for the win in 6:54. Apparently only one member of a team needed to be eliminated because Sohrei never was.

Unagi Sayaka vs. Mina Shirakawa vs. SAKI ended in a No Contest in a Cosmic Rules Match where water could be used a weapon. This was pretty much a Wet T-Shirt Contest and Mud Wrestling without the mud. They all came out wearing a long white dress shirts with bikini tops and summer shorts under them. They pulled out Super Soakers and sprayed each other water. Shirakawa willingly took off her white shirt and she had an American flag bikini top on. Sayaka and SAKI had their shirts ripped off in the action. Sayaka tried to rip off Shirakawa's bikini top and chased her up the ramp to the backstage. They both slipped a little because of the water. They  disappeared for a while and it didn't look like they were coming back to the ring. SAKI looked at the referee as if she was giving up on the entire situation and she started to walk to the back. Sayaka then came back out with a wicked smile on her face. She held up Shirakawa's bikini top in her hand. Shirakawa came back out just wearing a white towel to cover herself up and she chased after Sayaka to try to get her bikini top back. All three of them then wanted to "cat fight" each other with the referee caught in the middle of it so he called for the bell to end the match in 9:46.

Mayu Iwatani joined the broadcast for guest commentary.

Syuri defeated Kurumi Hiiragi in an I Quit Match in 11:21. Syuri threatened to slam her off of the stage if she didn't quit so she quit. Syuri then slammed her off the stage anyway right after she quit.

AZM won a 4-Way Falls Count Anywhere Match over Tam Nakano, Koguma, and Momo Watanabe by suplexing Koguma into a wall on the stage that had the STARDOM in SHOWCASE logo on it in 15:53. This was a wild mix of comedy, wrestling, and brawling. Nakano and Koguma brawled around the venue and ended up inside a kid's Elephant Bounce House. The camera followed in a bit and they were rolling around trying to pin each other in there. Later on, they all climbed inside another bounce house called Cliff Climb which was part climbing wall and double slide. Koguma tried to jump off the top of it on everyone below but she flopped face first.

Suzu Suzuki and Risa Sera defeated Giulia and Mai Sakurai in a Hardcore Match when Suzuki pinned Sakurai with a German Suplex on some chairs in the ring in 20:03. Suzuki gave Giulia a pilediver into a table on the floor. Giulia gave Suzuki a butterfly suplex off the top rope on a board of plastic forks sticking up between two chairs in the ring. After match, Suzuki said she hopes it will be her vs. Giulia in the 5-STAR Grand Prix Finals on October 1.

The Mysterious Grim Reaper (Yuu) won a Coffin Match over Starlight Kid and Saya Kamitani in 13:07. The Grim Reaper was unmasked as Yuu by Kamitani early on in the match. She full revealed herself as Yuu and the announcers knew who she was. She knocked Kamitani in the coffin first then tossed Kid inside it then closed the lid to win. She dragged the coffin to the back.

Video was then shown of STARDOM Executive Producer Rossy Ogawa waking up inside the coffin with a Grim Reaper standing over him like he was in a nightmare turned real.