Texas Indie Wrestlers Used As Extras On WWE Raw

The WWE "Medical Staff" on WWE Raw this week from Houston, Texas were played by Texas pro wrestlers Raychell Rose and Bam Bam Malone.

They attended to Becky Lynch backstage after Bayley, Dakota Kai, and Iyo Sky attacked Lynch and her already legit injured shoulder.

They appeared again at the very end of the show to look after Dominik Mysterio in the ring after Edge accidentally speared him while aiming for Finn Balor.

Raychell Rose trained with Booker T's Reality of Wrestling and has been a regular for his group.

She has been feuding with Hyan over the ROW Diamonds Division Title as well as the Women's Titles in other indie promotions like New Texas Wrestling and Vixens Wrestling Revolution all spring and summer.

Bam Bam Malone has competed in Texas, Tennessee,  and Louisiana for groups like SWE Fury, King of Sports Championship Wrestling, Memphis Wrestling, and Bayou Independent Wrestling.