Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling “Tokyo Princess Cup” Semifinals Results From August 13, 2022

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Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling “Tokyo Princess Cup” Semifinals Results From August 13, 2022

Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling results from Tokyo, Japan at Korakuen Hall on 8/13/22 live on WRESTLE UNIVERSE:

Shoko Nakajima pinned Kaya Toribami with a Northern Lights Suplex.

Nao Kakuta and Hilari Noa defeated Yuki Aino and Raku when Kakuta pinned Raku after the Shiden Kai.

Shoko Nakajima has joined the broadcast for guest commentary.

Mei Suruga defeated Arisu Endo by submission with the Gateau Invisible (a bridging trapped double arm hold). This match was incredible. A great showcase for both of them. There was so much unorthodox stuff at a high speed it was impossible to take notes. WRESTLE UNIVERSE is still offering a free two week trial for new members and this match is worth the look. (The service also carries DDT, NOAH, and Ganbare Pro).

Rika Tatsumi won a 3-Way Match over Hyper Misao and Mizuki by pinning Misao after the Twist of Fate. Tatsumi accidentally sprayed the referee and Mizuki in the face just before the finish with the can of cold spray Misao always brings to the ring. Mizuki is back in Japan after wrestling for DEADLOCK Pro Wrestling in North Carolina on 8/6/22.  

Max The Impaler pinned Pom Harajuku after a lariat. It wasn't exactly the squash everyone thought it was going to be on paper. Harajuku got some punches in. Max then slammed her. Harajuku tried to give up and walk back to the locker room but Raku stopped her and dragged her by the arm back to the ring. She managed to hit Max with a missile drop kick but Max didn't stay down at all.

Yuki Kamifuku, Mahiro Kiryu,  and Haruna Neko defeated Yuki Arai, Saki Akai, and Moka Miyamoto when Kiryu pinned Arai after the spine buster in an  upset. After match, Kiryu said she and Kamifuku wanted to challenge Arai and Akai for the Princess Tag Team Titles. Akai agreed.

The Tokyo Princess Cup Tournament Semifinals are next.

Yuka Sakazaki pinned Suzume after the Magical Merry Go Round in an excellent match. They went after each other right at the bell. Action spilled out to the floor. They brawled then Sakazaki gave Suzume a big power slam on the floor. Back in the ring, Suzume kept trying to block Sakazaki from getting back in and then did a dive on her to the outside. Later in the match, Suzume gave a diving body press but Sakazaki rolled through. That led to a series of pin attempts and counters. Sakazaki tried to go for a brain buster but Suzume countered it with a crucifix for a near fall. Sakazaki gave her a sliding lariat for a near fall.

Miu Watanabe pinned Miyu Yamashita after the Tear Drop after avoiding the Skull Kick. Another really good match. They  started off mat wrestling then exploded into exchanges of leap frogs and arm drags. Yamashita gave Watanabe a series of kicks to try to wear her down. Watanabe recovered and returned with some shoulder tackles. Watanabe gave her a swinging over the knee back breaker. She tried to go for the Canadian Back Breaker but Yamashita slipped away and got her in a clutch submission hold. Watanabe was able to survive and eventually gave her the Giant Swing. Yamashita gave the Attitude Adjustment but Watanabe kicked out. They shook hands after the match.

Yuka Sakazaki came out to do a promo on Watanabe to hype up the tournament finals which will be back here at the venue tomorrow. They stood in the ring to take a series of photos for the Japanese press. Sakazaki then confidently left the ring and went back to the locker room to allow Watanabe to give a victory speech and close the show.