TransGraps “Wrestle Queerdom” Results From August 6, 2022

TransGraps Debut Event

TransGraps “Wrestle Queerdom” Results From August 6, 2022

TransGraps results from Milford, New Hampshire, USA at The Hampshire Dome on 8/6/22 live on Looped Live as an iPPV for $20:

Joanne-Elizabeth McQueen and Love, Doug are the broadcast team.

Shea McCoy pinned Aiden Von Engeland by illegally holding the tights. Aiden started out by taking McCoy down with ease with several headlock takedowns. McCoy was able to get advantage and broke Aiden down with chops, kicks, and chokeholds.

Zeke Mercer came out and said Richie McCoy didn't show up so there would be an Open Challenge. Eros Drifter answered it. Mercer pinned Eros a flying Code Breaker. They agreed to a test of strength at the start but Mercer kept bailing out of the ring to go sit with the crowd. Eros grabbed on a headlock and brought Mercer back into the ring.

Candy Lee pinned Gisele Shaw after her diving leg split leg drop finisher. They started out mat wrestling with headlocks and head scissors. Lee whipped Shaw into a corner and gave her a splash then followed up with a snap mare and a leg split leg drop. She was going to finish Shaw off with the diving leg drop but Shaw recovered and threw her off the ropes by her hair. Shaw delivered a flying uppercut. She went for a Tornado DDT but Lee blocked it. Shaw did get in a rope hanging DDT. Lots of back and forth action the entire match.

The Battle Royale (rumble style) is next. Over the top rope for the eliminations.

Kota Holliday (1), Nick Pierce (2), Sazzy Boatright (3), Cameron Saturn (4). All four competitors decided to leave the ring and do a race around the track around the building. Holliday was declared the winner and then they all went back to the ring to continue to have the battle royale. Cherill (5). Nobody has been eliminated so far. Joan Jetson (6). Jetson was eliminated by Boatright and Cherill. Boatright was eliminated by Holliday. Cherill was eliminated by the others. Saturn was eliminated by Holliday. Holliday eliminated Pierce to apparently win the match. Mariah Moreno (7) then came out and crashed Holliday into a door in the corner of the ring. She threw Holliday out of the ring to win the match.


Kota Holliday and Cameron Saturn are now the broadcast team.

Kidd Bandit pinned Don't Die Miles after what looked like a One Winged Angel into a backbreaker over the knee. It was pretty much impossible to take notes on this one with the high speed style. These two are ones to watch for the future. Bandit is a star on the indie scene and we could totally see them getting signed to the big leagues with their most unique look and unorthodox technical wrestling and high flying style.

Paris Is Bumping Grand Prize Champion Candy Lee pinned Sonny Kiss with a roll up. Kiss did a backflip drop kick. Lee connected with a big flying cross body off the second rope and they both rolled through. Kiss broke up the momentum with a pump kick. Lee caught Kiss running off the ropes and gave Kiss a Samoan Drop. Back and forth action then Lee caught Kiss with a spin kick. Lee connected with a hip attack in the corner then a stink face. Lee went on the ropes to go for the diving leg drop finish but Kiss put a stop to it with a kick. They shook hands after the match.

Joan Jetson (with Mission Control) pinned Cherill after a leg drop out of the corner of the ring. There was a huge height difference between the two. Cherill tried to charge in with a flurry of punches but Jetson put a stop to it with a long arm's reach. Cherill was a tenacious underdog but was overpowered by Jetson.

Veny pinned Edith Surreal after the Moonsault. This was Veny's American debut. They locked up and struggled for an advantage. Veny backed Surreal to the ropes and poked the eyes then grabbed hair like a heel. Veny sent Surreal to the floor and did a Moonsault. They brawled into the crowd and threw each other into the rows of chairs. Veny rolled Surreal in the ring and gave a big time missile shotgun drop kick. Surreal leveled Veny with a big boot followed up by a bulldog. Both exchanged forearm shots. Surreal ducked Veny and gave a DDT. Veny hit Surreal with a big spinning heel kick. They exhanged blows. Brain buster by Surreal. German suplex by Veny. Michinoku Driver by Veny.

There was a lot of drama on social media in the days leading up to this show but they pulled it off nicely. It was an event of trans, nonbinary, and non gender conforming pro wrestlers having good solid wrestling matches. Max The Impaler got into a falling out with the promoter and didn't appear. They were supposed to face Kota Holliday.

We cover hundreds of events per year and most indie shows tend to blend in theme and style. They can become a tedious chore to report on at times. As a writer we look forward to things that are different and unique. This show was it. We were surprised that aside from a few moments in the battle royale they avoided the all too easy "2022 indie wrestling comedy" which was also refreshing to see.