Turner Classic Movies To Air Lost 1984 Ninja Movie This Weekend "Starring" Cult Film Legends

B-Movie Nostalgia From The Past Comes Back To Life In 2022 With New York Ninja

The newly completed "New York Ninja" will be part of the TCM Underground double feature late Friday/early Saturday on Turner Classic Movies network at 2am EST on May 14, 2022. It was filmed in 1984 by John Liu (who also stars in the lead role as "Liu") but it ended up unfinished and forgotten after its original distribution company went bankrupt. Film preservation company Vinegar Syndrome managed to obtain the footage with no audio or credits attached to it. They assigned Kurtis M. Spieler to restore and edit the film for an official movie release. The plot is a typical ninja movie storyline from back in those days of vigilante revenge featuring lots of martial arts action.

Spieler assembled an all-star cast of action, horror, and B-movie actors from the 1980s and 1990s to be the voiceover cast overdubbing the original live action actors on film. Don "The Dragon" Wilson ("Blackbelt", "Bloodfist", "Ring of Fire") provides the voice of Liu. Ginger Lynn ( "New Wave Hookers", "Vice Academy", "Mind, Body & Soul") is Liu's wife. Linnea Quigley ("Return of the Living Dead", "Vice Academy", "Nightmare Sisters", "Night of the Demons") voices a character named Randi Rydell. Cynthia Rothrock ("China O' Brien", "Tiger Claws", "Rage and Honor") plays Detective Janet Flores. Leon Isaac Kennedy ("Body and Soul", "Penitentiary", "Lone Wolf McQuade") is Detective Jimmy Williams. Michael Berryman ("The Hills Have Eyes", "Deadly Blessings", "Weird Science") is a character called The Plutonium Killer.

We reached out to the always accommodating Linnea Quigley to ask her some questions about everything. We were not sure at first about what decade the voiceovers took place. She told us they recorded everything this decade shortly after the virus pandemic hit. No Prima Donna and Quigley have great memories of the days when movies like this were shown during weekend late nights on USA Up All Night on USA Network, Joe Bob's Drive-In Theater on The Movie Channel, and the "after hours" block on Cinemax. (FYI- Linnea will reunite with her "Nightmare Sisters" co-stars Brinke Stevens and Michelle Bauer in Texas for a few days in June at Lone Star Heroes Comics and Toys store locations. These events will be free to attend. Their schedule is Galveston on 6/24/22, Lake Jackson on 6/25/22, and El Lago on 6/26/22).

"New York Ninja" made its debut at Beyond Fest back in October. It had a limited big screen release earlier this year. Vinegar Syndrome has it for sale on Blu-ray for $25. They also have t-shirts and other merchandise to go along with it.