Ultimate Women Of Wrestling #2 Results From July 9, 2022

UWW #2

Ultimate Women Of Wrestling results from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA at The Sahara on 7/9/22 live on Go Live Vegas:

The is the second show for UWW. The replay is available now for $3 USD on www.glv.vegas

Shaul Guerrero is once again the ring announcer. She brought out General Manager Jenni Santana to the stage. Santana had a title belt on her shoulder. She told the crowd the titles created for the company are: Tag Team Titles, a Nevada State Title, and a United States Title. The one on her shoulder was the U.S. Title. She said a tournament for the title will start on the next show but tonight's show will put people in the spotlight to possibly earn spots into the tournament.

Jenni Santana and Charlie Haas are the broadcast team.

The Renegade Twins (Robyn Renegade and Charlette Renegade) defeated Alice Blair and Johnnie Robbie when Robyn pinned Robbie after The Renegade's Revenge double team finisher.

Zeda Zhang pinned Rachelle Riveter after a Nothern Lights Bomb.

Alex Gracia pinned Lilith Grimm with a roll up after Grimm wasted too much time getting back into the ring after battering Gracia on the floor.


Haas interviewed Lilith Grimm for viewers watching at home. She said she started her career training at Rocky Mountain Pro. She said she is a blacksmith outside of pro wrestling for fun but it's a skilled trade to fall back on. She said she went to school for welding and is currently making a cage "for a pay-per-view that will happen in a couple of months."

Jenni Santana brought out all of the UWW title belts. Haas said he takes titles seriously and they deserve to be called more than belts because they're title championships. He said he gets a replica of every title he wins to put in a trophy case at home.

Alice Blair and Johnnie Robbie were interviewed. Blair started in 2020. Robbie started a little over a year ago.

Viva Van pinned Sandra Moone with a Japanese Ocean Cyclone Suplex.

Lei'D Tapa pinned Mylo MacDaddy after a knockout punch when MacDaddy jumped off the ropes towards her. The referee carried MacDaddy out of the ring.

Diamante defeated Big Swole by submission with a trapped head and arm hold after ramming her into a exposed turnbuckle when the referee was distracted trying to repair another turnbuckle. Swole attacked Diamante after and left her laying on the floor.

Jenni Santana said there will be UWW #3 in August but didn't give a date. She said to stayed tuned to UWW social media for announcements.