Ultimate Women Of Wrestling Announce Titles & Change Of Date

News On The Future Of UWW

The new UWW group running out of Las Vegas was supposed to have their second show on June 11 at The Sahara again, but it has now been postponed to July 9. It will still take place at the legendary venue.

UWW ran their first show on May 21. We were told there was confusion following the debut and some changes were going to be made going forward. The cost to run at The Sahara is several thousand dollars and the ticket prices were not cheap. We heard conflicting reports on the actual crowd attendance but we did cover the show's broadcast on Title Match Network and there were a lot of very dark sections. That is usually a pro wrestling promoter's way of not wanting people to see the actual crowd size. A lot of money also went into local billboard advertising. It all sounded like a classic indie promoter mistake of trying to "go big" and then charging higher than normal indie ticket prices to fans in hopes of getting as much money as possible back.

No women's group has been able to last in Las Vegas and they usually end up losing a lot of money before they get the hint. It has been the pattern going back to the original GLOW years in the 1980s.

On the UWW social media, GM Jenni Satana said there will be an 8-woman tournament to crown the first UWW National Champion with the names involved still to come. There is a UWW Nevada State Title and UWW Tag Team Titles to be decided at some point as well. She said they are planning a show for August but a date wasn't given and the wording didn't make it clear if it will take place at The Sahara.

They released 99% of the debut show for free on YouTube with each match posted separately. It would seem very likely that the main event of Ivelisse vs. Mazzerati will be added at some point.

Here is our results coverage of the show https://www.noprimadonna.com/ultimate-women-of-wrestling-debut-results-from/