Ultimate Women Of Wrestling Debut Results From May 21, 2022

New Women’s Pro Wrestling Group From Las Vegas

Ultimate Women Of Wrestling Debut Results From May 21, 2022

Ultimate Women Of Wrestling results of their first show from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA 🇺🇸 at The Sahara Theater on 5/21/22 live on Title Match Network:


Matt Mullan, Chief, and Aaron Phillips hosted an hour pre-show. Company general manager Jenni Santana welcomed everyone to the event and said she will be joining in on commentary with Phillips when the show starts. They said they are planning more shows in the future. Mazzerati stopped by for a chat. This is her hometown. She said she hasn't wrestled here since last year. She said she has been dealing with injuries and was glad to feel healthy enough to make it tonight. She said she works three jobs and her goal is to make pro wrestling her living 100% one day. Christina Von Eerie came out. She said her outfit was considered a weapon and she had a hard time with TSA. She said it's a great locker room of people she has worked with before and others she has wanted to work with. Lei'D Tapa said they would be making history tonight with an all-women event at the legendary venue.

Shaul Guerrero is the host and ring announcer. The National Anthem was performed by pop star Nikki Paige. GM Jenni Santana welcomed the crowd and said there will be another show in June but she didn't give a date.

Ashley D'Amboise pinned Jordan Blu after a uranage.

Zeda Zhang defeated Gemma Jewels by trapped arms and head submission.

The Renegade Twins (Charlette Renegade and Robyn Renegade) defeated Delilah Doom and Myka Madrid when Madrid was pinned.

Chistina Von Eerie pinned Nevaeh after a flip out of the ring corner. They got into a shoving match after.

Nikki Paige came back out to perform a song in the ring before intermission. Chistina Von Eerie was interviewed by Phillips to spice things up for the home viewers. She said she is in a horror movie coming out soon. Jenni Santana brought over Brian Cage who was there watching in the crowd. He said he lives in Vegas and had nothing to today so he decided to check the show out. Ashley D'Amboise said this was her first time full Vegas experience. She said it was exciting to be part of a company's debut show and in the same venue where Frank Sinatra and Elvis performed.

Nikki Paige was out to do another song.

Miranda Alize pinned Alex Gracia after a cutter followed by the shining wizard. Gracia was bleeding from the nose.

Lei'D Tapa went to a Double Count with Jennacide as they were brawling up on the stage. Guerrero first announced that they were both counted out but then said both were disqualified. The viewers could clearly see the referee counting to ten in the ring. There's a bad trend in indie wrestling with the confusion on what to call the official ruling of matches instead of just letting it speak for itself. We've seen many indie matches over the years that should have been ruled as a Double Count Out or a Double DQ but they were announced as a No Contest. Run ins with one person getting attacked as a specific target are called No Contests instead of Disqualifications many times.

Santana Garrett pinned Christi Jaynes with a roll up.

Ivelisse pinned Mazzerati after the Vertigo kick. After the match, it looked like there was a showing of respect between the two but Miranda Alize and The Renegade Twins came in from behind to help Ivelisse attack Mazzerati. Santana Garrett, Alex Gracia, and a few other baby faces ran out to make the save. Gracia had her nose covered up with a white bandage after her match with Alize earlier.

For some reason Blu, Jewels, and Doom & Madrid were given the TV jobber entrances all ready in the ring with no music. They were all introduced by Guerrero but predictably lost in just a few minutes.