DEADLOCK Pro Wrestling “ShowDown In The Carolinas” Results From July 10, 2022

DEADLOCK Pro Is Quickly Becoming America’s Best Indie

DEADLOCK Pro Wrestling “ShowDown In The Carolinas” Results From July 10, 2022

DPW results from Durham, North Carolina, USA at The Armory on 7/10/22 now on DPW On Demand:

Donnie Ray won a 6-Way Match over Mason Myles, James Ryan, Adam Priest, Lebron Kozone, and Diego Hill by pinning Ryan after a Swanton Bomb.

Kidd Bandit defeated Swayer Wreck by arm bar submission in a Golden Opportunity Match for a future DPW World Title shot anywhere. Bandit is the first person to become the DPW Golden Opportunity Briefcase Holder.

JD Drake and Anthony Henry defeated Chase Holliday and Shawn Kemp when Drake pinned Holliday after the Drill Bit set up by Henry's cradle piledriver.

Raychell Rose pinned Promise Braxton after the Off With Her Head in a DPW Women's Title Tournament Semifinal Match.

Colby Corino pinned Krule in a Hardcore Match after a Blockbuster off the top rope into a door covered in thumbtacks between two chairs in the ring. Krule immediately choke slammed the original referee as soon as the bell rang. Corino kicked Krule out of the ring and down to the floor. Corino followed to the floor and repeatedly hit Krule in the chest with golf clubs covered in spikes or thumbtacks but they had no effect. After a few minutes on the floor, they got back into the ring and Krule threw Corino with ease into a door set up in the corner of the ring. Corino managed some offense with a DDT. He then tried to go high risk off the top rope but Krule grabbed him by the throat and threw him off the rope onto a chair in the ring. Corino smashed part of a broken door over Krule's head but it only angered Krule. Krule once again grabbed Corino by the throat but Corino fought back with some chops for a short time. Krule kicked Corino down with ease and was going to spear him into a door covered with sliced soda cans. Corino got out of the way in time and Krule went crashing into the soda door. Krule immediately got back up and gave Corino a couple of chokeslams then poured thumbtacks all over the door set up between chairs in the ring. He was going to chokeslam Corino off the top rope into the door but Corino got a hold of a drill and used it on Krule's masked face. Corino gave him the Blockbuster looking finisher for the win. Krule popped back up after the match and chased Corino back to the locker room.

They did a great job of building Krule up as a credible monster and Corino as a "never say die" underdog. Krule is like a cross between Kane, Bane, and Jason The Terrible.

Jay Malachi and BoJack defeated BK Westbrook and Lucky Ali when Malachi pinned Ali after a huge flying cutter off the top rope set up by BoJack's powerbomb. BoJack came out as Malachi's surprise partner when it looked like Malachi would be in handicap match at the start. Malachi left the match with a leg injury but came back in later on by doing a big dive out of the balcony. Donnie Ray came out afterwards to challenge BoJack for the DPW World Title on 8/6/22.

Westbrook and Lucky Ali wouldn't leave the ring and complained about the loss. Westbrook called out Andrew Everett. Everett's music played but he didn't come out. Westbrook laughed and said Everett was still in Japan (he was there on some DDT shows). He mocked the crowd for falling for it. The music played again and this time Everett did come out to everyone's surprise. He spilled Ali out of the ring and chokeslammed Westbrook. Everett said he caught a quick flight from Japan to be here. He said Westbrook won't be on the 8/6/22 show but he will be against Konosuke Takeshita.

Rosemary pinned Savannah Evans after a spear in a DPW Women's Title Tournament Semifinals Match. Raychell Rose ran out after and briefly confronted Rosemary to build up the tournament finals on 8/6/22.

DPW Tag Team Champions Patrick Scott and Chance Rizer (with Chris Danger) defeated Jordan Oliver and Myron Reed by pinning Oliver after a double team finisher. Reed ended up getting posted on the outside and couldn't make the save. Danger got on the ring to cause a distraction near the finish. JD Drake, Anthony Henry, and Mason Myles came out and grabbed Danger and took him back to the locker room.

Calvin Tankman pinned Kevin Ku after the Tankman Driver to win the DPW National Title Tournament Finals and become the first champion. DPW World Champion BoJack came out to congratulate Tankman and they both held their titles up proudly.

The show ended with BoJack walking around in the hallway with the World Title on his shoulder. Kidd Bandit walked up to him and was holding the Golden Opportunity Briefcase. Bandit eyed up the World Title and simply said "huh" then they both walked away from each other.

The next DPW show is on August 6 in Raleigh, North Carolina at the Holshouser Building with a loaded card announced:

Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling's Mizuki vs. Choco Pro's Emi Sakura

Konosuke Takeshita vs. Andrew Everett

Dante Martin vs. Diego Hill

La Estrella vs. Gringo Loco vs. ASF

JD Drake, Anthony Henry, and Mason Myles vs. Patrick Scott, Chance Rizer, and mystery partner

Jay Malachi vs. Shawn Kemp vs. Chase Holliday vs. Lucky Ali vs. Joe Lando

Raychell Rose vs. Rosemary in the DPW Women's Worlds Title Tournament Finals (winner becomes the first champion)

Choco Pro's Baliyan Akki vs. new DPW National Champion Calvin Tankman

DPW World Champion BoJack vs. Donnie Ray

DPW is quickly becoming a "must see" promotion. It comes off as serious pro wrestling compared to a lot of the other televised indie companies in 2022. The announcing and production values present the shows as a major league sporting event.

The DEADLOCK name started as a podcast a few years ago. They turned into a "lifestyle brand" with merchadise and a website of editorials covering whatever they wanted to about pro wrestling from the past and present.

The first time we became aware of DEADLOCK was in 2020 while covering the first several Choco Pro shows on YouTube. DEADLOCK was the key advertiser on those broadcasts with their logo in full display on the wall of Ichigaya Chocolate Square.

In late 2021, DEADLOCK launched the pro wrestling company called DEADLOCK Pro Wrestling. They did TV tapings for their online show called DPW Fire which began airing in December 2021 on their YouTube page. A second show called DPW Spark began airing in early 2022 featuring only one or two matches an episode with matches taped in late 2021.

Their first major event show called "You Already Know" took place on 1/8/22 and aired as VOD a few days later on DPW On Demand. The main event saw BoJack defeat Andrew Everett in the finals of a tournment to become the first DPW World Champion.

Chase Rizer and Patrick Scott defeated JD Drake and Anthony Henry to become the DPW Tag Team Champions on 4/16/22.

They have brought in joshi stars like Hiroyo Matsumoto, Miyu Yamashita,
Ryo Mizunami, Miyuki Takase, and Yuu for the major shows.

This has been a break out year for DPW coming out of the gate strong in their first several months of running events. It will be interesting to see where they go from here. They are a definitely a brand to watch in 2022.