Women’s Title Change In Booker T’s Reality Of Wrestling

ROW Summer of Champions

The lastest episode of Reality of  Wrestling is posted up on YouTube. The matches were taped back on July 9 in Texas City, Texas at World Gym Arena as part of ROW's Summer of Champions 8 event.

Hyan pinned ROW Diamonds Division Champion Raychell Rose after The Beauty Sleep to win the title for a 4th time in her career.

Rose won the title in a 3-Way Match over Promise Braxton (the champion) and Rok-C (now Roxanne Perez in NXT 2.0) at Summer of Champions in August 2021 by pinning Braxton.

She lost the New Texas Pro Wrestling Women's Title to Hyan also last month. And she lost the Vixens Wrestling Revolution Title to Hyan as well back in April. She appeared on WWE Raw last week in the role of a medic as we reported here:


Other matches on this week's ROW episode saw Kaun pin Thom Latimer after a lung blower to win an ROW Contract, and Matt Vine pinned Johnny Lyons after a powerslam.

They showed a segment where Sharmell was talking to the ROW Board Members in an office about Booker T's out of control behavior (he's a heel owner trying to help the heel wrestlers win). She said she owns 50% of the company and Booker owns the other 50%. She asked the Board to give her full control of ROW. Booker then burst into the room and intimidated all of the Board members. Sharmell got in his face and they began to have the most convincing argument between a real life married pro wrestling couple that we've ever seen. They set up the match where the winning team will get full control of the company. That match was also taped on July 9 and should air in the coming week or two.

The next ROW event at World Gym Arena is on 8/13/22.