World Series Wrestling “Phoenix Rising” Results (Day 2) From July 9, 2022

WSW 2022

WSW results from Melbourne, Australia at South Eastern Entertainment Centre on 7/9/22 live on FITE:

Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green came out to the ring. Cardona said they were both screwed out of titles last night. He said ever since he was a little boy he dreamed of becoming WSW Champion but now he is injured. Green broke character and laughed at his comment. Green said she should be WSW Women's Champion but she doesn't even get a title shot tonight. Cardona said they will make the country theirs while they're stuck there and they won't stop until they are both champions.

Trey Miguel won a 3-Way Match over Alex Zayne and Emman The Kid by pinning Emman after a Meteora.

Hammerstone pinned Flip Gordon after the Nightmare Pendulum.

Chelsea Green (with Matt Cardona) pinned Shazza McKenzie by illegally holding the tights. Cardona attacked McKenzie several times during the match while Green distracted the referee. McKenzie had Green pinned after her stunner finisher but Cardona put Green's leg on the ropes from the outside to break up the pin.

Buddy Matthews pinned Brian Cage after the Murphy's Law. Very good match with lots of explosive back and forth action. The referee was bumped near the end. Matthews gave Cage three curb stomps and was going to give a forth with a chair placed under Cage. Cage popped up and dropped him on the chair. They traded kicks and knee shots before Matthews was able to pick him up for the win.


Joey Janela pinned Caveman Ugg in a Hardcore Match after superkicking him in a pile of thumbtacks. It took a long time for Janela to pick up the win after using everything he could find. He did diving double stomp with a broken door on top of Ugg. He bashed Ugg over the head with a chair followed by another part of a door over the head. He brought out a huge ladder to ringside and did a splash on Ugg into a table set up between the ring and the guardrail. When he dumped all of the thumbtacks in the ring, he dared Ugg to charge at him over them. Ugg wrestles barefoot but took the bait.

WSW Women's Champion Taya Valkyrie pinned Tenille Dashwood after the Road To Valhalla despite interference from Chelsea Green and Matt Cardona. Cardona tried to hit Valkyrie with his cast but ended up hitting Green instead. Dashwood had Valkyrie pinned later on in the match but Green pulled the referee out of the ring. After the match, Green hit Valkyrie from behind with the cast and said "I'll see you tomorrow." WSW is back at this venue tomorrow so it looks like a title match.

WSW Champion Johnny Downunder (John Hennigan) pinned Slex after Moonlight Drive followed by Starship Pain. Slex refused to shake hands after the match and shoved Johnny down to the mat.