WOW- Women Of Wrestling “The Battle Begins!” Reboot Results From September 17, 2022

WOW Returns… Again.

WOW- Women Of Wrestling season premiere episode results from Los Angeles, California, USA 🇺🇸 at Globe Theater (taped earlier this year) on 9/17/22:

A nice video package aired narrated by David McLane talking about producing women's pro wrestling for 37 years. Pictures were shown of women wrestlers including Mildred Burke and The Fabulous Moolah from the 1960s. McLane talked about this being the rebirth and restart of WOW again.

David McLane, Stephen Dickey, and AJ Mendez are the broadcast team.

The WOW Tag Team Titles are vacant. The announcers said there will be a tournament to determine the champions. There was no explanation on why the titles are vacant and no mention of the previous champions. They got right into the tournament action.

The Tonga Twins defeated Chantilly Chella and Randi Rah Rah in a WOW Tag Team Titles Tournament by pinning Rah Rah after a double team finisher.

A interview and video package with Kandi Krush aired. She was emotional talking about training to be an Olympic athlete and those dreams ended up falling apart. She said she fell into a depression and didn't know what to do in life next. She said she stumbled into boxing and began training in it. She was very emotional talking about her grandma fully supporting her and buying boxing gloves for her.

Off course they had to ruin a nice and credible moment by having Coach Campanelli walk by and insult Krush in bad acting fashion to set up a match between them after the break.

Kandi Krush pinned Coach Campanelli after a right hook.

They showed an interview and video package of BK Rhythm (aka Killa Kate) doing a rapper gimmick.

Vivian Rivera pinned BK Rhythm with a cradle.

A video package of WOW Champion The Beast aired narrated by David McLane.

WOW Champion The Beast pinned Adriana Gambino with a power bomb. Reina Del Rey (aka Ruby Raze) ran if from behind after the match and gave The Beast a German Suplex.

This is what we describe as a "claustrophobic" episode. The camera felt like it was on at bad angle at times in the ring and the lighting was bad. They have been back to taping at the Belasco Theatre and that had a far better look during the AXS TV era. The commentary came off like they were calling the action of a pro wrestling video game instead of a pro wrestling TV show.

It might be the first and last episode of WOW that we cover. We make it a point of having coverage of women's pro wrestling always first, but WOW airs at 11pm in our region which isn't convenient to our schedule in covering other events around the world on the weekends.

As we are writing up this results report there is an OZ Academy event and a STARDOM event going on against each other in Japan, the Prestige Wrestling show in California, and a WWE Saturday Night's Main Event in California all at the same time.

WOW has refused to answer our repeated inquiries about giving us the advanced screener copies of the episodes like our sister websites received during the WOW era on AXS TV a few days before the television broadcast airing dates. That's pro wrestling and showbiz for you.