WrestleCore Results From June 26, 2022 (Now On YouTube)

Pro Wrestling From Canada

WrestleCore results from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada at the Ricksaw Theatre on 6/26/22:

Miles Deville and Sebastian Wolfe (Tara Zep) won a 3-Way Match over ... Malik Melo and Braydon Goss ... Tony Baroni and Justin Cider ... when they pinned Melo after a double team finisher.

Calamity Kate pinned Ryseck after a DDT.

G Sharpe pinned Travis Williams after a super kick.

Taryn From Accounting pinned Danika Della Rouge after a stuffed piledriver. Della Rouge announced on her social media on 7/13/22 that she is immediately stepping away from pro wrestling to dedicate more time to her family.

Numi Berber pinned Steven Crowe with a cradle after Crowe accidentally kicked Taryn From Accounting off of the ring when she tried to interfere on his behalf.

Nicole Matthews defeated Jody Threat by submission.

Michael Richard Blais pinned Cody Chhun after a running knee strike when Steven Crowe and Taryn From Accounting distracted Chhun.

Shreddz pinned Iseah Bronson after a rake of the eyes followed by a TKO.

Infinity Champion Adam Ryder pinned Trey Miguel (with Melody Mangler) after a Pele Kick.