WWC 49th Anniversary Show Results From August 6, 2022: Ric Flair and Carlos Colon Square Off

WWC 49th Anniversary Show Results From August 6, 2022: Ric Flair and Carlos Colon Square Off

WWC 49th Anniversary results from Bayamón, Puerto Rico at Coliseo Rubén Rodríguez on 8/6/22:

Androide 787 won the WWC World Junior Title in a 4-Way Match over Jovan, champion Emil Roy, and Pablo Marquez by pinning Marquez after a sliced bread.

El Gran Armando pinned Makabro after hitting him with a weapon. Makabro brought in a whip to use as a weapon but the referee took it away from him after a struggle and put it out of the ring. Armando took advantage of the distraction for the finish.

WWC World Tag Team Champions Le Seguridad de Dynasty defeated La Revolucion. The challengers illegally switched in and out of the ring doing the "masked confusion" deal. It backfired and the illegal guy in the ring ended up getting pinned.

WWC Puerto Rico Champion Gigante Nihan pinned Black Pain after super kicking a chair into his face when he tried to use it as a weapon followed by a choke slam.

Ray Gonzalez pinned Gilbert by raking his eyes and turning him over into a crucifix pin to become the CEO of WWC. Xavant, Gigante Nihan and Le Seguridad de Dynasty ran in after to chase Gonzalez away. Then they all turned on Gilbert and left him laying after bashing a framed picture over his head.

Luke Gallows pinned Damian Sandow after a mule kick to the groin when the referee was trying to separate them out of the ring corner.

Huracan Castillo Jr. pinned Joe Bravo after hitting him with an object followed by an elbow drop. Bravo tried to throw powder at him before the finish but got the referee instead. A second referee ran out to count the pin fall. Both guys bled. Castillo took off his boots and hung them up on the ropes when it was over to signal his retirement.

WWC TV Champion Mike Nice pinned Bryan Idol after a face plant type of finisher.

Intelecto 5 Estrellas won the WWC Universal Title in a 3-Way Match over champion Xavant and Eddie Colon by pinning Xavant after a full nelson slam after Gilbert ran in and beat up Xavant with a kendo stick to get revenge from the attack earlier on the show.

The WWC Universal Title was originally called the WWC World Heavyweight Title. When WWC World Heavyweight Champion Carlos Colon defeated NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair in a steel cage match here in the city back on December 18, 1983 the name of the title changed.

Carlito pinned Andrade El Idolo after the back stabber. Ray Gonzalez was the guest referee. Ric Flair interfered to help Andrade by pulling on Carlito's leg as Carlito tried to climb up to the top rope. Eddie Colon came out to counter Flair at ringside and tried make him go to the locker room. Flair poked Eddie in the eyes and gloated. Carlos Colon then came out to confront Flair. They took off their jackets to get ready to fight. Flair tried to punch Colon but Colon blocked it. Colon gave Flair two punches to the forehead and a headbutt. Flair retreated to the locker room and Colon followed him to make sure he stayed there. In the ring, Andrade brought in a weapon while Gonzalez was distracted by watching the legends fighting. Gonzalez finally saw that Andrade was going to use the weapon on Carlito and he took it away from him. Andrade kicked Gonzalez in the groin out of anger and frustration. Gonzalez raised up his hand to get ready to call for the bell to disqualify Andrade. At that moment, Carlito gave Andrade the back stabber. Gonzalez debated if he was still going to DQ Andrade or count the pin fall. He decided to count the three. Carlito wins.