WWE Smackdown Dark Matches From 7/22/22

WWE Notes

Ricochet and Drew Gulak defeated Angel and Humberto when Ricochet pinned Humberto after a shooting star press before WWE Smackdown went on the air on Fox.

After Smackdown, Drew McIntyre pinned Sheamus in a Street Fight after the Claymore Kick. Ridge Holland and Butch interfered. McIntyre gave Butch a chair shot to the back to dump him out of the ring then powerbombed Holland into a table set up in the ring.

It should also be noted that after Raquel Rodriguez defeated Sonya DeVille on Smackdown TV, DeVille cut a promo during the commerical break. She said she was not leaving the ring until management or someone in the back came out to give her the respect she deserves.

Ronda Rousey came out with intensity to the ring. DeVille tried to go after her but Rousey ducked and gave her some punches and a kick. She followed up with Piper's Pit then put DeVille in the arm bar.  The segment was taped as a WWE Digital Exclusive and included Michael Cole and Pat McAfee doing commentary for it.