WWE Sunday Stunner Fayetteville Results From August 7, 2022

WWE Houseshow

WWE Sunday Stunner from Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA at the Crown Coliseum on 8/7/22:

Byron Saxton is the ring announcer.

Carmella is not on the card. She has been pulled after getting injured on the 8/6/22 WWE Saturday Night's Main Event show in North Charleston during a 3-Way Match against Bianca Belair and Asuka.

WWE Raw Women's Champion Bianca Belair pinned Asuka after the KOD. A side headlock takedown by Belair to start then Asuka reverses it with a head scissors. Belair springs out of it and manages to knock Asuka down with a shoulder tackle. Asuka blocks Belair's hip toss attempt and turns it into a cradle. Belair kicks out and Asuka takes time to do a friendly but taunting dance at her. After some exhanges Asuka knocked Belair to the floor with a hip attack. Belair got back in the ring and Asuka got her in a rest hold. Asuka tried to go for a submission with a satellite arm bar attempt. When that didn't work she turned it into a sunset flip for a count of two then hit a Code Breaker when Belair got up. Belair got out of a chokehold by powering up to deliver a suplex. They did the spot in the corner where Belair punches Asuka several times while standing on the second turnbuckle (Carmella was hurt during that spot on 8/6/22 when she tried to break it up). Asuka recovered and hit Belair with a buzzsaw kick but also fell down to the mat exhausted. They exchanged blows then Asuka exploded with a series of strikes and kicks. Asuka tried to bulldog Belair out of the corner but Belair shoved her off. Belair tried to give her a superplex but Asuka shoved her off the ropes and then came off the ropes with a missile dropkick. Belair dropped Asuka face first into a turnbuckle then went for the finish.

Finn Balor (with Damian Priest) pinned Dominick Mysterio after the Coup de Grace. Just like on the 8/6/22 show, Mysterio came out first then Priest came out to distract him while Balor ran in from the crowd to attack Mysterio from behind before the match. Priest interfered at the end and Mysterio went after him on the floor allowing Balor to take control to get the win.

WWE U.S. Champion Bobby Lashley defeated Ciampa by submission with the Hurt Lock.

Seth Rollins came out to do a heel promo and once again bragged about Riddle being out of action. Dolph Ziggler came out and challenged him to a match. Rollins refused at first and was going to walk to the back. Ziggler said he would be a coward if he didn't accept the match (lots of matches were set up this weekend with the babyfaces simply calling the heels "cowards" and "chickens").

Seth Rollins pinned Dolph Ziggler after a low blow followed by the curb stomp as Ziggler tried to avoid accidentally colliding into the referee. Riddle ran in to make the save on Ziggler after the match and he went after Rollins. Rollins was going to give Riddle a curb stomp but Ziggler returned the favor and gave Rollins a super kick.

WWE Smackdown Women's Champion Liv Morgan pinned Natalya after the Oblivion. Natalya came out first to do a heel promo. She said the town was a hell hole and she kept telling people to shut up.  

WWE Intercontinental Champion Gunther (with Ludwig Kaiser ) pinned Shinsuke Nakamura after a powerbomb when Kaiser threw his red jacket over Nakamura's head to "blind" him as Gunther distracted the referee. Gunther then hit the shotgun dropkick and went for the finish.

Drew McIntyre and The Street Profits (Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins) defeated Sheamus and WWE Undisputed Tag Team Champions The Usos (Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso) by Disqualification when  Sheamus hit McIntyre with the shillelagh as McIntyre was about to give an Uso the Claymore Kick. McIntyre challenged the heels to a Street Fight afterwards.

Drew McIntyre and The Street Profits defeated Sheamus and The Usos in a Street Fight when McIntyre pinned Sheamus after throwing him into a table set up in the ring corner followed up a Claymore Kick.