WWR+ "Aces High" Results From June 26, 2022: Kris Statlander Returns!

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WWR+ "Aces High" Results From June 26, 2022: Kris Statlander Returns!

WWR+ "Aces High" from Worcester, Massachusetts, USA at the White Eagle on 6/26/22 live on IWTV:

Armani Kayos pinned Gal Barkay after raking his eyes, ramming him into the turnbuckle, and holding the tights. This was a Wrestling Open Showcase Match.

Willow Nightingale pinned Little Mean Kathleen with the Doctor Bomb.

Davienne defeated Paris Van Dale by submission with a Boston Crab. Mortar attacked Davienne after and gave her an F-5. He said what was started in Wrestling Open will end in WWR+.

Ashley D'Amboise pinned Tiara James after a uranage.

Tina San Antonio, Pedro Dones, and Damian Adams defeated Clara Carreras and The Hispanic Mechanic (Jos A and Jos B) when San Antonio pinned Carreras by illegally holding the ropes.

Kennedi Copeland pinned Anastasia Morningstar after a running knee strike to the head.

Shannon Levangie pinned Damaris Dawkins after a cutter.

Jordan Blade defeated Alisha Edwards by ankle lock submission.

Trish Adora pinned Kris Statlander after a Tombstone. This was the first time Statlander has been on a Beyond Wrestling brand show since January 2020.

Masha Slamovich and Akira defeated B3CCA and Alec Price when Slamovich pinned B3CCA after the package piledriver. Price tried to help B3CCA out of the ring but she shoved him away.