XPW “Night Of Reckoning” Results From August 13, 2022


XPW “Night Of Reckoning” Results From August 13, 2022

XPW results from Pomona, California, USA at The Derby Room on 8/13/22 live on FITE:

Kriss Kloss and Kat Martini are the broadcast team.

Rob Black came out to the ring. He said they will be back at the venue on October 22 for Halloween In Hell. He said tonight's show will be historic and it will change XPW.

Dirty Ron McDonald pinned Brawlin' Bo Cooper (with High Pitch Will) after a flaming diving elbow drop off of a ladder. Cooper got a bundle of light tubes away from McDonald at the start and smashed him with it. McDonald was bleeding but went outside the ring to grab a chair and he repeatedly hit Cooper with it. They brawled on the outside and Cooper accidentally collided with Will. Later, Cooper held McDonald so Will could give McDonald some very weak looking chops. McDonald gave Will a headbutt to get him away from him. Back in the ring, McDonald used a barb wire 2x4 on Cooper's head and then poured out some thumb tacks. Cooper choke slammed McDonald into the tacks. McDonald did a springboard off of a chair on Cooper like Sabu does but Cooper caught him and threw him out of the ring into a table on the floor. Will brought a table into the ring for Cooper. Copper did a dive off the ladder but crashed into the table. McDonald grabbed Will and gave him a DVD on top of Cooper. After the match, McDonald put a bowling pin between Will's legs and then threw a bowling ball right into it.

Damian 666 pinned Matt Cross after a La Valagueza. The action went to the outside almost immediately and Damian went after Cross with a chair. Cross got control of the chair the posted Damian on the outside. Back in the ring, Damian asked the fans to hand him more chairs and he threw them at Cross. He brought in a spiked belt and whipped Cross with it and then choked him with it. They traded chops. Split leg Moonsault by Cross but Damian got his knees up. They fought on the top rope then Cross gave him a superplex. Cross missed the shooting star press to allow Damian the advantage into the finish.

Santana Jackson pinned Human Tornado after the Moonwalk DDT. They shook hands after. Jackson avoided the lock up attempts at the start by doing the pop star dance moves. Tornado back dropped him to the outside on the floor and battered him around. Tornado rolled him back into the ring and gave him a baseball slide dropkick to the crotch in the ring corner. Jackson recovered and danced along the top rope. He gave Tornado an arm drag from the top rope. Tornado sent Jackson back down to the floor. Jackson crawled under the ring and he was gone for a long time. Tornado thought he won by Count Out but the confused referee didn't make a count. Jackson finally slid back into the ring wearing a Wolfman mask and he looked like Michael Jackson from the 1980s classic Thriller video. Tornado had his back turned and then ran away out of the ring once he saw what Jackson now looked like. Jackson stalked him around ringside. Tornado ran back in the ring but Jackson followed. Santana gave him the dancing elbow drop and then did the Thriller video dance with the referee.

Juventud Guerrera came out to the ring to do The Juice Bar talk show. He talked about wanting to answer the Open Challenge for the AAA Mega Championship. TJ Perkins came out and interrupted him. He offered a handshake and wanted the mic. Guerrera was cautious but agreed. It all led to a match between the two.

Juventud Guerrera pinned TJ Perkins with the Juvi Driver. It started off really fast with chops, leap frogs, and arm drags. Juvi gave him a diving crossbody off the ropes and Perkins went to the outside to recover. Juvi followed and was going to fly off the ring apron but Perkins grabbed him by the leg and dragged him down to the floor with him. They both got back in the ring and Perkins slowed things down with some rest holds. They tried to get an advantage on each other with submission hold attempts. Juvi gave him a swinging neck breaker. Once again Perkins rolled to the outside to try to recover but Juvi gave him a baseball slide dropkick and then did a dive on top of him. Juvi rolled him back into the ring. Back and forth action and then a Tornado DDT by Perkins. Juvi thanked the crowd for coming to the show after the match. He asked them to keep supporting XPW and him. He told them to follow AAA because he deserves a shot at the AAA Mega Title.


XPW Women's Champion Taya Valkyrie defeated Jody Threat by submission with the STF finisher. Kloss said this match is historic because it's the first time the new Women's Title is being defended. They locked up and struggled to get an advantage on each other in the ropes. They exchanged clubbing blows on each other in the corner. Valkyrie gave her a stink face. Valkyrie tumbled to the outside down to the floor. Threat gave her a baseball slide dropkick followed by a cannonball off of the ring apron. After whipping each other around on the floor, Threat rolled her back into the ring but only for a few seconds. Action went back to the floor and Valkyrie gave her a DDT. Valkyrie then rolled her back into the ring. Some back and forth action and then they knocked each other down to the mat. Chops and forearms by Threat. Valkyrie knocked her down then gave her a double stomp. Threat recovered and gave her a German Suplex and later a driver. She brought in a chair and a door. Valkyrie kicked the chair into her face then set up the door between two chairs. Threat accidentally bumped the referee in the corner. Valkyrie gave Threat a Road To Valhalla but there was nobody to count the pin. She woke up the referee but then Threat gave her a spear for a near fall. She tried to continue the momentum but Valkyrie gave her a powerbomb into the door and then locked in the submission for the win.

Sage Sin Supreme won a 3-Way Women's Death Match over Ludark Shaitan and Mickie Knuckles by pinning Knuckles with a Code Red out of the corner. All three casually laid on the mat in a circle and gave each other punches and headbutts. Supreme used her Halloween candy bucket to hit both of them over the head. Knuckles bashed Supreme with light tubes and the tubes broke in half. Shaitan used the other half of tubes on Knuckles but it didn't seem to do much. Supreme hit Shaitan with light tubes from behind. They used bats spiked with tacks on each other. Supreme's face and back were bloody. Supreme hit them both with a broken door. Supreme brawled with Shaitan on the floor and Knuckles did a dive through the ropes on both of them. They fought in the crowd. Supreme crawled on the scaffolding of The Derby Room and gave both of them a diving body press. Shaitan hit Supreme with light tubes and then Supreme hit her with some. Knuckles headbutt light tubes into Supreme's head. Knuckles bodyslammed Shaitan onto Supreme on the floor. Shaitan bashed light tubes over Knuckles. Later, Knuckles planted Shaitan face first into light tubes in the ring. Knuckles threw Shaitan into Supreme who was trying to get back into the ring. Supreme fell off the ring and crashed into a door between two chairs with light tubes on it on the floor. Knuckles gave Shaitan a brutal pumphandle slam into a pile of tubes in the corner of the ring. Supreme hit Knuckles from behind with tubes. Knuckles placed Supreme and Shaitan on top of each other with light tubes and gave them a hip attack. Supreme set up a barb wire board on a chair on the floor as Shaitan brawled with Knuckles in the ring. Knuckles slammed Shaitan on more tubes and went for the pin but Supreme threw the Halloween bucket at her from down on the the floor to break up the pin. Supreme hit them both with tubes as they were fighting on the top rope. She threw Shaitan off the top rope onto the chair and barb wire below. Shaitan got stuck in the barb wire. They all drank beer in the ring and hugged after.

XPW King of the Death Match Champion SHLAK (with Misha Montana) pinned Necro Butcher (with Jasmin St. Claire and Veronica Caine) after a lariat. Right after the opening bell rang they got into an even slugfest. SHLAK dumped him to the floor and tried to go out after him but St. Claire and Caine got on the ring and blocked him. Montana then got in the ring to back SHLAK up. As the women where getting ready to fight in the ring, SHLAK left them to go after Necro who was still down on the floor. St. Claire dropped Montana and choked her. Montana got up and exchanged slaps with Caine and ripped Caine's top off. St. Claire made the save and hit Montana with a kendo stick repeatedly. Caine then sat on Montana's face and grinded on her. Down on the floor, SHLAK hit Nerco with light tubes and then they brawled in the crowd. Necro hit SHLAK with chairs as they made the way back to the ring. He gave SHLAK a bodyslam with a chair sandwiched on him. SHLAK made a come back and gave Necro a couple chair shots right over the head. Fans tossed in dozens of chairs into the ring and Nerco got buried under them as SHLAK went to duck for cover. Rob Black came down to ringside to monitor the situation. SHLAK tried to go for an easy pin while Necro was under all of the chairs but Nerco kicked out. SHLAK gave him a powerbomb in the sea of chairs but Nerco would not stay down. Necro gave him a swinging neck breaker and a piledriver in the chairs but SHLAK kicked out. Necro with a superplex on the chairs but he was too tired to make the cover. Brainbuster by SHLAK on a chair followed by the lariat. Necro's head and face were a bloody mess.

MASADA won a 3-Way Match over XPW World Heavyweight Champion Brian Cage and Willie Mack by pinning Cage to win the title after a DVD on the title belt. Mack immediately stomped on Cage in the ring corner after the bell to try to take him out of the match early on. Mack and MASADA went at it one on one but then Cage got back into the action and gave MASADA a 619. He kicked Mack down on the floor and went after MASADA in the ring. He gave MASADA a spinebuster. Mack got back into the ring and brawled with Cage. Cage gave Mack a back suplex and then a German Suplex to MASADA. MASADA recovered and gave Cage a knee strike and then a Tornado DDT to Mack. Mack popped up and gave MASADA a big lariat. Mack slammed Cage down and fought both guys off. He splashed both of them in the ring corner. They both fell out of the ring and Mack did a dive on them on the floor. Mack rolled Cage into the ring. MASADA hit Mack with a chair to stop his momentum. Cage gave MASADA a superplex. Mack charged after both of them and then gave MASADA a knock out punch. Mack went to the top rope to Frog Splash on MASADA but MASADA got out of the way. Pumphandle slam by Cage on Mack. Mack with a Samoan drop on MASADA. MASADA tried to stick the skewers into Cage's head but Mack hit them both with a chair. Mack and MASADA traded giving each other skewers into their heads. Cage hit MASADA with the title belt and then tried to hit Mack but Mack gave him a stunner. Mack gave Cage a Frog Splash but then MASADA hit Mack with the title belt to set up the finish.