XPW “Beautiful Disaster” Results From June 25, 2022: First Women’s Champion Crowned, Sabu Honored

XPW Women’s Roster Showcase

Xtreme Pro Wrestling "Beautiful Disaster" results from Pomona, California, USA at The Derby Room on 6/25/22 live on FITE:

This is expected to be another long show with an 8-Woman Title Tournament, three men's Death Matches, and a career tribute to Sabu.

Rob Black came out to the ring to welcome the fans. He said it is a very special night as they will have the first Women's Champion by the end of the night. He thanked the fans for coming and said he knows it's hot out and there's a hundred other promotions out there people could choose from.

Kriss Kloss and Kat Martini are the broadcast team.

Kamille (NWA Women's Champion) pinned Deonna Purrazzo after the spear in a 1st Round Tournament Match.

Ludark Shaitan pinned Lindsay Snow in a 1st Round Tournament Match after reversing a powerbomb attempt Snow had planned which caused them both to crash backwards into a table in the ring. Shaitan landed on top of Snow and got the cover.

Sage Sin Supreme pinned Chelsea Green in a 1st Round Tournament Match after spraying mist in the face when Green tried to hit her with her own Halloween trick or treat pumpkin bucket.

Taya Valkyrie defeated Steph De Lander by submission with the Cross-legged STF in a 1st Round Tournament Match.


High Pitch Will came out to annoy the crowd as usual. He said he is here to honor Sabu. He gave Sabu an award. Dirty Ron McDonald ran in and attacked them both then ran out to the parking lot before anybody could catch him.

The crew was shown hanging up the XPW Women's Title Belt on a cable above the ring. The announcers said this will be a Tournament Finals 4-Way Ladder Match for the inaugural champion.

Taya Valkyrie won the Ladder Match in a wild one with a strange finish over Kamille, Ludark Shaitan, and Sage Sin Supreme to become the first XPW Women's Champion. They brawled all around the venue and everyone but Kamille bled. Shaitan bled buckets.Valkyrie's face was smeared with dried blood at the end of the match. Kamille was about to win the title as she climbed up the ladder with ease while everyone else was out of the ring. But then it looked like Samuel Shaw (aka the former Dexter Lumis) ran in the ring and the lights went out in the venue for several seconds. It was pitch black. When the lights came back on Kamille had totally disappeared from the ring and she never came back to the match. It continued on as a 3-Way Match Ladder Match. Valkyrie booted Supreme off of the ring on top of Shaitan and crashed them both through a table on the floor and then grabbed the belt. She now has this title as well as the AAA Women's Title and half of the Impact Wrestling Knockouts Tag Team Titles (with Rosemary).

Alex Colon pinned Ciclope with a clutch in a Death Match with light tubes and sheets of glass.

The crew is cleaning all of the glass out of the ring from the last match and putting up barb wire boards in the ring corners and light tubes on the ropes for the next match.

MASADA came out said Shane Douglas was supposed to come to the show but he decided not to show up. He said the next show will be on August 13. It will be MASADA vs. Brian Cage for the XPW World Title at that event.

MASADA pinned Miedo Extremo in a Death Match. after sticking skewers into his back and flipping him down into the mat back first.

XPW King of the Death Match Champion SHLAK pinned Big F'N Joe after the diving elbow drop with light tubes on Joe's chest. Before the match started, Jasmin St. Claire and Veronica Caine came out to the ring and attacked SHLAK's valet Misha Montana. St. Claire accidentally hit Caine in the head with a chair while aiming for Montana. There was a pull apart and all three women were sent back to the locker room. Some rowdy fans tried to get involved in the match near the end and people were throwing stuff in the ring. Joe was upset and actually walked away to the backstage. You could see Rob Black say something to him and he did go back to the match.

Yes. It turned out to be another long show starting at 10:10pm EST and ending at 2:40am EST overlapping into a lot of our event coverage from Japan tonight. But it was another fun show. Kloss and Martini made an oddly interesting duo on commentary. Martini is Rob Black's wife. She had a laid back and charming tone doing the color commentary.